We’re uncomplicated.  We don’t try to impress you with fancy marketing jargon or  “blow you away” with feel-good presentations. Our background is a lot like yours: sales and marketing CPG brands.  Our world is at the shelf in brick and mortar stores.  We love this world.  (Some of us courted our wives doing store checks on a Sunday afternoon.) As we see it, our package design job is to make your package a silent but powerful sales person.  A sales person that first convinces buyers that your product meets their business objectives and, once on the shelf, convinces the consumer to buy and try it.

Simple when you know what you’re doing. And after 40 years focusing on the world at the shelf, we do.


To help consumer products (CPG) brand managers receive the highest return on investment from their package design…whether the manager is an entrepreneur just starting up or a Fortune 100 brand manager tasked with revitalizing a brand.

Point of Difference:

We have a proven ability to help brand managers create CPG package designs with both trade and consumer appeal. Sales and marketing experience on the client side plus advertising and design firm expertise give us a unique understanding of brand manager challenges. And how to succeed in supermarkets and club stores.

 Special Expertise:
  • Club Stores: Wright Design created BJ’s Berkley & Jensen signature brand and SKUs for more than 70 categories from candy to paper towels to peanut butter to plastic cutlery to coffee to vitamins and infant formula. We helped Welch’s establish industry standards for single serve and large bottle club packs in Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s.
  • Natural and Organic Foods: We developed the identity and packaging for Bread & Circus, now Whole Foods supermarkets. Later, we created Earth’s Pride, BJ’s organic and all natural foods brand. We continue to partner with startup natural food brands.
  • Specialty Foods: Wright Design is a prime marketing and package design resource for specialty brands like Akara African Beancakes, Edelweiss Patisserie, Himalayan Salt, Hot Mama’s, Budd Foods, Terroir Coffee and Easy Earth cat litter.
  • Retailer “Own Brands”: For manufacturers, we develop control brands and custom products for upscale retailer brands. With Market Basket and Sprouts we expand their regular and upscale brands.
  • Restaurant Brands: We’ve partnered with Uno Foods and Legal Sea Foods to extend their strong restaurant brand franchises into supermarkets and club stores.

For Brand Identities, Package Design, Sales Materials and Websites we guarantee this game-changing benefit for our marketing partners: “Design that Works!”