Robert Hill, President

Bob is the heart and soul of Wright Design’s creative operation. After attending the Art Institute of  Chicago and graduating from the American Academy of Art, he soon found his niche in consumer  products as Senior Packaging & Merchandising Designer in Gillette’s Personal Care and Toiletries  Divisions… developing identities, packaging design (structural and graphics), point of sale materials and sales materials for national brands like Gillette Right Guard, Dippity Do, White Rain and Supermax. Eager to strike out on his own, he and Kent Wright founded Wright Design in 1976 and the rest of the story is visible on this website! At Wright Design, Bob divides his time between directing the activities of the other designers and conducting his own design projects. As a testament to the effectiveness of his work, many of his brand identities have endured, such as Nabisco Junior Mints, Chuckles, Colombo, Cabot Stains, Jean Nate, Fruit Snacks, Burger King Touch N’ Go! and Sun In. Bob has contributed to the success of over 100 national and regional brands, including every one on this website. Packaging design for Bob’s clients brands is successful because he executes his key philosophy- “It isn’t creative if it doesn’t sell.”

Kevin J. McNamara, Vice President Business Development

Kevin brings over three decades of advertising, marketing and sales experience to Wright Design’s clients. An accomplished, versatile, communications professional, Kevin is a seasoned, hands-on expert in product development, account management, sales, promotion, sales-planning/support, consumer media and business operations. Creative, strategic, solution-focused and an interpersonal rapport-builder, Kevin is a motivator and strong communicator who believes in the shared-ownership approach to project management and that great ideas can come from anywhere.

Kevin began his professional career in media management at Benton & Bowles Advertising, cutting-his-marketing-teeth on Procter & Gamble’s Crest, Scope and Zest brands as well as General Foods‘ Gaines and Jell-O lines. Joining forces with K&E Advertising, Boston, and Ocean Spray Cranberries, Kevin successfully moved into brand management where he was instrumental in running the multi-serve cranberry drinks business unit. His team also introduced Cran-Raspberry, and the all-new, Mauna Lai guava juice brand, the first, adult-targeted juice beverage. At Bose Corporation’s U.S. Hifi Division, Kevin reintroduced its revolutionary flagship, the 901 direct-reflecting loudspeaker. He restaged several of their staple, bookshelf models (notably, the 201 and 301) significantly increasing sales and satisfying trade demands.

Kevin led the the Veryfine development and introduction of Fruit 2/0, a refreshing, naturally-light fruit-flavored, bottled water alternative giving Kraft Foods its single best reason to buy the company.

More recently, Kevin served in account/client management at PromoPoint Marketing, a division of Advantage Sales & Marketing, quarterbacking multiple, key Advantage brand promotional initiatives sold into and supported by the New England grocery trade. His additional recent sales and marketing positions in corporate communications talent search/placement, eCommerce/social media and automotive business development at Mercedes Benz, Cadillac and Lexus assure that Kevin’s skills and experience will help serve, develop, build and grow Wright Design clients’ brands.