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 Collateral Materials 

Wright Design develops a wide range of collateral materials including stationery (business cards, envelopes, letterheads), product fact sheets, sales brochures, POS materials, consumer promotion materials, trade ads, and FSI ads.

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Himalayan Salt Scrub Bars

Sometimes POS is the Work Horse
Exhibited at home shows and displayed in specialty stores, small, “quiet” products like Himalayan Salt Scrub Bars need a “flag” to wave at the potential consumer. That’s what an effective counter display does. It sets the mood for the product and features the key benefit in a manner that draws attention at Point of Sale (POS). Only then can the product label complete the sale.


POS design that works. Contact us now!

Java Sea Barramundi Sales Materials

FEGA Group
Give your sales materials the same care and investment you give product development, advertising and package design. To introduce US buyers to a new brand, Java Sea™, Indonesian based FEGA Group turned to Wright Design to create a sales-generating Java Sea™ brand identity, product sell sheets and pocket folder.
If you’d like a set of Java Sea™ sales materials, contact us and we’ll send you one.

Breyers Sales Materials

Working with a sweepstakes fulfillment company, Wright Design created the name, copy and a full set of sales and in-store materials for the Breyers Pro Football Sundae Sweepstakes. This promotion was so successful with key retail accounts that it ran for three consecutive years in the greater New England market.

Success is one click away!

Friendly's® Business Collateral Design

A colorful yet factual sales brochure and product sell sheet introduces a line of unique ice cream pies under the Friendly’s brand.

Find out what we can do for you!

Lifetime Home Loans Business Collateral Design

Lifetime Home Loans
A start up enterprise in the home mortgage business requires a professional identity, business materials, bio sheets, and a sales brochure.


If you are a professional, you need professional contact materials. Contact us!

Terroir Coffee™ Business Collateral Design

Terroir™ Coffee
Beyond its function as a brand identity for a line of unique products, Terroir serves as a corporate identity and, as such, is featured in a full array of business materials.


We'll make you look like the leader in your category. Give us a call.

Blount® Seafood Business Collateral Design

Blount® Fine Foods
In the foodservice arena, it is important for the Blount sales force to have sales materials that both present factual product information for the buyers and appetizing meal presentations appealing to chefs. Powerful trade ads are created to enhance and punctuate messages in personal sales presentations.

Sales materials or POS, call us.

Old Mother Hubbard® Business Collateral Design

Wellness Dog Food
Due to its extensive breadth of dog treat products' brands, sizes, shapes and flavors it is critical to develop a sales brochure that makes it easy for the sales force to be in command of the product line and to clarify the offerings for headquarter buyers and retailers.

Pet food or human food, come to us for sales generating sales materials!

UNO® Pizza Business Collateral Design

UNO® Pizza
A brand new approach to selling UNO Pizza in the deli section as a “take out” item calls for ads announcing the concept to the trade.

For Trade ads, FSI ads, sales materials or POS, contact us.

FIRE+iCE Business Collateral Design

The most important use of the new FiRE+iCE identity, logo and brand positioning is at customer level with the restaurant chain’s newly designed menu.

You present a first impression with sales materials. Don't risk it. See us now.

Gorton’s® Business Collateral Design

When the Gorton’s Fisherman makes his appearance in supermarkets, it is important to have large and strongly branded POS materials announcing his presence.

Big company or entrepreneur, you need impressive introductory materials. That's our business.

Nurse Mates® Business Collateral Design

Nurse Mates®
Selling professional medical products to consumers is made much easier with equally professional product sell sheets and brochures.

Professional products companies call for professional sales materials. We're your resource.

Nurse Mates® Business Collateral Design

Caffé Vergnano®
In America, even imported products require the added incentive of an FSI coupon ad to obtain retail distribution and consumer trial.

For coupon ads, sales materials or POS, contact us.

Nurse Mates® Business Collateral Design

Some of the most mundane professional products can be upgraded with a consumer products touch.

Medical products call for highly professional sales materials. Look to us as your resource.

Nurse Mates® Business Collateral Design

Sales materials don’t always require fancy four color printing. With a strong creative idea, one color can achieve the same objectives.

Need some ingenuity in your sales materials? Give us a call.

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